Wedding table decorations and flowers with dinnerware.

Wedding Table Decorations That Will Wow Your Guests

From napkins to table runners and centrepieces, planning each element of your wedding table decorations is exciting. They are one of the key elements of your wedding where you can let your creativity, colour palettes, and themes really shine.

There’s more to reception tables than meets the eye. To your guests, planning for them typically revolves around seating arrangements. Only those with an eye for detail know how much more it takes to present your attendees with a beautiful yet comfortable aesthetic.

Whether you’re on a tight budget or are currently planning a lavish all-coins-on-deck wedding, with our years of expertise and experience, we can ensure your wedding is a blast not just for you but also for your guests. So, get in touch with us now to discuss your dream wedding!

Wedding Table Decorations That Never Go Wrong

No matter which venue or caterer you choose, you’ll likely be offered ivory or white tablecloths, which is great. You can use them as a blank canvas to decorate according to your style and aesthetic preferences. Here are some things you may need to add as wedding table decorations:

  • Some floral arrangement or a centrepiece
  • Napkins
  • Wedding favours
  • Place card
  • Table number or name

Here are some other wedding table decorations you can consider to really wow your guests:

1. Fruit & Florals

Your table dressing for the wedding could incorporate fruits to add that additional dimension to your floral wedding decorations. Consider green apples, lemons, and other vibrant citrus fruits for a summer wedding and pomegranates, pears, and red apples for an autumn wedding.

2. Blossom Trees

If you’re looking for an impactful yet romantic table centrepiece, look no further than blossom trees. These magnificent beauties add a touch of elegance and charm to wedding table decorations. Even if you add nothing but these trees to your table decorations, you’ll be good to go. Moreover, to add a touch of detail, you can consider adding hanging tea lights on your blossom trees.

3. Herbs in a Pot

Planning a budget-friendly wedding? Potted herbs are a cost-effective yet great option to consider for your wedding table decorations. You can choose a coloured herb, such as lavender to add a pop of colour, or go for more leafy greens. Either way, your table will not only look gorgeous but also smell extremely wonderful. 

If your wedding is planned for the winter or autumn, you can consider hardier herbs such as thyme and rosemary. Alternatively, if you’re having a summer/spring wedding, you can pick basil or mint.

4. Elevate Your Arrangements

No, literally elevate your arrangements. Consider adding centrepieces that are taller than average with plenty of space underneath to add more final touches to wedding table decorations. For example, you can put hurricane jars with candles inside under a tall floral centrepiece.

5. Subtle Blooms

Some couples don’t prefer the grand, larger-than-life centrepieces for wedding ceremony table decorations. For such folks, it’s best to stick with subtle foliage and floral arrangements. These are great as they keep the spotlight on the bride and the groom but also offer a touch of romance and elegance to the guests.

6. Add a Seasonal Touch

Your wedding decorations could feature some seasonal elements or even the in-season colours that reflect the outdoors. For example, if you’re having an autumn wedding, you can incorporate shades of brown, red, and orange to bring a pop of the seasonal colours indoors.

Colourful wedding ceremony table decorations.
Your wedding ceremony table decorations should match your overall wedding aesthetic and theme.

7. Bud Vases

If your wedding decorations are missing a pop of colour, you can incorporate milk bottles of bud vases filled with wildflowers and foliage. In addition to bud vases, you can also add pops of complementing colours with your glassware and colourful taper candles.

8. Mini Crates

Think floral vases are too old school? You can add a rustic touch to your wedding table decorations with miniature wooden crates. These rustic-looking crates are great for farm, tipi, and barn weddings. 

9. Multi-Level Candles

Use plenty of green foliage and some metallics coupled with differently-sized votives and vases for your candles to bring a modern yet warm touch to your wedding ceremony table decorations. However, before you plan your wedding decor around multi-level candles, make sure your venue allows naked flames. If not, you can always consider LED candles.

10. Textured Table Runners

You can add texture to your plain wedding tables with table runners. If the rest of your decorations are subdued, consider adding a vibrant table runner to add a pop of colour and as a base for other wedding table decorations.

11. Seaside Decor

If you’re planning a beach wedding, you can incorporate some seaside elements into your table decor, such as shells, watercolour glassware, and blue stationery. In addition to varying shades of blue, you can add green hues to your table decor to bring all the elements together nicely.

12. Bows

While not a good pick for all wedding themes and decor, a white bow might be just the thing your classic wedding scheme is missing. It’s a budget-friendly yet classy option that helps accentuate the floral decor as well as the dinnerware.

13. Dried Foliage & Flowers

Dried flowers are our favourite because they not only add a colourful and modern touch to table decors but also make for great keepsakes later. To make it even more interesting, you can place a small dried flower arrangement in mason jars. Write names on your jars or vases and the favours can double as place cards.

Let’s Turn Your Event Into the Talk of the Town

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