All-white wedding flower decor.

The Top 23 Inspirational All-White Wedding Flower Designs

Are you planning an all-white wedding? Contrary to popular belief that creating an all-white wedding flower arrangement and decor is relatively easier, a lot can go wrong a lot easily if you don’t have a creative eye.

Here are some of our suggestions to make your all-white wedding decor pop!

The Top 23 Inspirational All-White Wedding Flower Designs


1. Incorporate Fruit Into Your All-White Centrepieces

If you’re planning a beach, summer, or tropical wedding, you can enhance your all-white wedding flower arrangements by incorporating fruit. For example, you can use pears and pineapple to complement the greenery in your centrepieces without deviating too much from the white blooms.


2. Create a Gorgeous Focal Point

Your all-white wedding flower arrangements don’t need to be too understated or simple. If you’re going for a glamorous feel, you can add a touch of gold via installations.


3. Don’t Forget to Decorate the Bar

Most brides forget to include the bar in their wedding decor plan despite it being the most visited bar at a wedding. Consider white flower garlands with hints of green for the front of your wedding bar. For the bartop, you can place white bouquets in vases.


4. Floral Runners Can Make or Break Your Wedding Decor

Floral runners, when matched with complimenting centrepieces and wedding decor, can give your guests the illusion that they’re on flowers. 


5. Accessorise Yourself with All-White Wedding Flowers

Forget the traditional flower crowns and opt for a more elegant and stylish hair flower, which, when placed carefully, can make the bridesmaids or the bride look even more beautiful. You can consider up-do hairstyles and incorporate orchids.


6. Go for a Traditional Bouquet

Classic and traditional bouquets reflect sophistication and elegance. Lily of the Valley is one of the many bride favourites as its white petals can be arranged for any size bouquet.


7. Picture-Perfect Weddings Need a Backdrop

Don’t forget to add a customised all-white backdrop featuring a wide array of blooms for picture-perfect and Instagram-ready photos and selfies!


8. Sometimes Less is More

White boutonnieres go perfectly well with black or navy tuxedos and will be a great way to showcase your style.


9. Create a Cascading Effect

Whether it’s an overhead installation or your bridal bouquet, the cascading effect won’t disappoint. You can also use white bougainvillaea and roses to create cascading reception decor.


White flowers in a jar hanging on a chair.
Subtle details can make big statements at an all-white wedding.


10. Let Your Vase Pop!

If you’re using ranunculus, peonies, garden roses, delphinium, and hydrangeas in smaller, separate arrangements, opt for colourful vases. We recommend blue and white vases to compliment the white flowers and also include “something blue” in your wedding.


11. Consider Adding a Ceremony Tree

Used as table centrepieces, chuppah, or a canopy, cherry blossoms and other such blooms can help create larger-than-life yet elegant wedding decor.


12. Pick Peonies

You can choose to carry a peony bridal bouquet tightly packed with numerous stems if you want to create a more romantic look.


13. Plan a Classic Wedding

Want to go classic? Pick white flowers in numerous varieties for the altar. You can place them in manicured urns for a more elegant look. They’re especially a great pick for an outdoor wedding, where the surrounding greenery will perfectly complement the white floral arrangements.


14. Have Your Cake and Whiten It Too

Adding fresh (or freshly baked) white flowers, such as anemones, to your all-white cake will be the perfect icing on top, making it the talk of the wedding. 


15. Go Big or Go Home

While less is (more often than not) more, sometimes bigger is definitely better. From peonies to orchids, you can consider an all-white statement wedding flower bouquet featuring relatively larger blooms.


16. Leave Room for Creative Fun

You can leave room for your bridesmaids to decide the bouquet type they want to carry, as long as the colour palette remains white. Those who prefer single stems and those who want to carry petite posies can choose from a spread of the same type of flowers.


17. The Grander the Entrance the Better

Add a ginormous entrance garland or other white ornaments for your wedding entrance. Your guests should be able to spot your wedding venue from miles away, courtesy of a lush, fresh garland of blooms. 


18. Use Hydrangea for All-White Arrangements

Use white hydrangeas or other readily available classic blooms for a mono-floral design. We specifically recommend hydrangeas because they complement every theme, be it modern, natural, or tropical.


19. Baby’s Breath for Flower Girls

Want to take your Flower Girls game to the next level? Consider a modern approach to this tradition with baby’s breath flower crowns and baby’s breath hoop bouquets, perfectly accenting each other.


20. Create a Floral Walkway

Vincas, petunias, or other perennials are often used to line the walkway for the bride’s grand entrance. But you can consult your florist for options that will be better suited for your dream wedding setup. Additional points if you can figure out a way to repurpose them for your reception!


21. Altar Ego > Alter Ego

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, leave no room for confusion as to where you’re going to say “I do!.” Your altar should blend well with your wedding location or venue but also be filled with grandeur! Can you imagine how beautiful pure white hydrangea towers will look?


22. Your Bouquet Needs Some Texture

A monochromatic colour palette typically requires some texture to keep things aesthetically pleasing and interesting. You can create your bridal bouquet using all-white wedding flowers but don’t forget to add a few grass options and pastel and earthy shades to make it eye-catching.


23. Keep the Centrepieces Simple, but Mix It Up

You can keep the design simple and group the same flowers into one bunch for your centrepieces. Instead of making a complex, mixed floral arrangement, opt for the same type of flowers. For example, you can line the tables with vases containing baby’s breaths, roses, and ranunculus.

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