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The Most Popular Summer Flowers To Consider for Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is, hands-down, one of the most daunting ordeals that we, as humans, go through. Everything, from the nail on your pinky to the centrepieces and the aisle, needs to be perfect. And if you’re planning a summer wedding, you need to have everything, including your summer flower decorations in order.

Of course, if you’re not a florist or a gardener, you may not even be aware of seasonal blooms that will likely be readily available around your event. Typically, when we look for event flowers, we only consider their aesthetic appeal and prices–forgetting all about seasonal availability.

It’s more than likely that most of the flowers you pick for your big day will not even be available in the UK around your summer wedding. Flowers will then need to be imported from around the world, and your budget will likely go through the roof.

If you’re still in the planning phases of your summer wedding, you can still consider a few summer flower choices to ensure you stay within the budget and don’t have any issues finding beautiful blooms for your wedding decor.

Summer Flowers UK: Top Picks to Consider

The following list entails some of the best summer wedding flowers you can consider for your bridal bouquet and decor arrangements.

1. Lavender

Lavender is one of the most popular summer flowers that offers a subtle backdrop to statement floral arrangements. Their silvery foliage and muted purple flowers complement most–if not all–colour palettes and offer a unique, calming scent.

2. Achillea

Achillea is a lacy flower that is extremely eye-catching and always a delight to see in floral arrangements. They come in a variety of colours, including cream, pale pink, terracotta, peach, and purple. So, naturally, they can fit into any decor and colour scheme that you’ve chosen.

3. Sweet Peas

If you’re looking for summer wedding flowers in the UK that’ll give your bridal bouquet a fresh feel, sweet peas are the way to go. Their cascading effects make it look as though you just picked them up from a garden. We recommend combining cream, peach, lilac and blush pink shades to create a soft yet gorgeous bouquet.

4. Stocks

This stem is perfect if you’re looking to add some height to your wedding arrangements and bouquets. Moreover, adding stock to your decor will give it the perfect summery feel that most summer wedding decor lacks. In addition to adding texture and height, stocks also bring a nice scent to floral arrangements. And their colour range? TO DIE FOR! From deep purple and lilac to dusky pink and cream, you’ll find several options to match your aesthetic requirements.

5. Peonies

A symbol of joyful marriage, happiness, and love, peonies are available in gorgeous sunset coral, white, and pastel pink shades–among many others. These beauties hold a special place in most people’s hearts and are some of the most popular wedding flower choices in the UK.

6. Roses

No flower signifies romance and love as well as roses–they are a wedding classic! Since these beautiful blooms are available all year round, they’ll be a perfect summer flower choice for your wedding. You may go for an all-romantic red rose decor or consider species with more subtle hues of pink, yellow, or white. With so many options and scents to choose from, there’s no creative limit when it comes to these summer wedding flowers.

7. Astrantia

Astrantias are unique, star-shaped flowers that are typically used in summer flower arrangements to add interest and texture. These blooms come in a variety of cream and pink hues and have a long flowering season. In addition to floral arrangements and bridal bouquets, these star-shaped beauties also make a statement as bridesmaids’ bouquets.

8. Scabiosa

Scabiosa is another one of the most popular wedding flowers in the UK. Some of its species are available all year round, but you’ll find some of the best blooms during high summer. These blooms are available in white, pink, claret, lilac, and purple hues that complement most flowers and arrangements.

Sunflowers with the blue sky in the background.
Despite their name, sunflowers don’t bloom until late summer to early autumn. But you may find a select few during midsummer.

9. Delphinium

Although mostly found in blue tones, Delphiniums also come in hues of whites, subtle pinks, and purples. These spire-shaped blooms are extremely striking and can be used for your statement pieces and bridal bouquet to add an impact.

10. Dahlia

Dahlias have an abundance of petals and a large head, making them a perfect fit for unique floral displays and wedding bouquets. These blooms also add a summery feel to wedding decor. You’ll find them in pale pink, ivory, orange, and coral shades.

11. Lysimachia

Lysimachia not only has a myriad of medicinal benefits but they’re also an excellent decor option. These summer flowers commonly come in yellow and white shades, but, if you’re lucky, you may find some in pink or purple hues. These panicle-shaped dainty flowers add a whimsical look with a touch of detail to centrepieces and bouquets.

12. Cornflower

Cornflowers are typically used to create a wildflower meadow design for wedding floral arrangements and bouquets. In addition to being one of the sweetest summer flowers, they’re also available in several colours. You can pick its classic vibrant blue tone or go for the more uncommon deep burgundy, subtle pink, and white shades.

13. Daucus Carota

This biennial plant features narrow segments of divided and deeply dissected leaves. Its tight buds seemingly start to disappear around the edges, giving it an extremely unique but eye-catching look. They’re typically used as fillers to add texture and balance to floral arrangements but they’d also look great as flower girl headbands or a simple bridesmaids’ bouquet.

Ready To Make a Statement?

Planning a wedding is a difficult ordeal on its own, don’t leave the burden of floral arrangements, wedding bouquets, and other decor on yourself to pile on your responsibilities. With our years of experience as wedding stylists and florists, we can help you not only pick the perfect summer flowers for your wedding but also combine them in beautiful arrangements, centrepieces, and bouquets. So, what are you waiting for? Let us help you realise your dream wedding: get in touch with us now!

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