12 Thank You Flowers That’ll Make Your Loved One Feel Appreciated

If you want to show your appreciation and gratitude for someone special in your life, there’s no better way to do it than with a bouquet of thank you flowers. Fresh seasonal and perennial blooms carry specific symbolism–some represent love and friendship, while others represent thankfulness and acknowledgement. So, if you’re sending someone a note saying thank you with flowers, you need to be careful with your choices for the bouquet.

It’s also vital to note that while some thank you flowers are appropriate for someone special in your life, others are more appropriate for someone with whom you have a platonic relationship. It’s better to consider the specific messages each flower sends beforehand.

Curious to find out which flower to pick as a thank you gift? Keep reading!

12 Thank You Flowers To Choose From

Thank You Flowers for Coworkers and Friends

1. Parsley

Don’t forget to add some greenery to your bouquets! If you want to include foliage that has meaning, think about using parsley. This herb can be a thoughtful way to show gratitude for knowledge. You could add it to a bouquet for someone who has made a positive impact on your education. It could be a lovely way to say thank you to a professor or mentor.

2. Alstroemerias

Did you know that alstroemerias, also known as Peruvian lilies, are native to South America? Most of these flowers are multicoloured and look absolutely festive in a bouquet. They’re perfect for showing gratitude to a friend as they are a classic symbol of friendship. Plus, they also symbolise wealth and good fortune, so they’re a great choice for a thank-you bouquet for your boss or coworker.

3. Pansies

Here’s another way to say “thank you” with flowers. Delicate pansies are a sweet and thoughtful way to let someone know you’re thinking of them and appreciate them. Plus, they’re edible, so you could even use them to decorate a sweet treat!

4. Zinnias

Zinnias are the perfect way to show your appreciation to a friend who’s far away. They let them know that they’ve been on your mind, especially if they haven’t been around. Consider brightening up their day with zinnias as a birthday gift for that old college friend or a pal who’s moved away.

5. Irises

These gorgeous blooms will really pop in any bouquet! With their wide range of colours, you can pick the perfect one for your special someone. Just like chrysanthemums, irises are a lovely way to show your appreciation for someone’s dedication or to compliment them. If you’re thinking of sending thank-you flowers to a colleague, including some irises in the mix is always a great idea!

6. Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are awesome for gifting to a friend. They’re perfect when you want to thank someone for their support during a tough time or just to show gratitude for their loyalty. They are great because they bloom in the fall, so you don’t have to worry about finding fresh flowers out of season. You can always count on them to make a meaningful thank-you gift.

A multicoloured thank you flowers gift.
Want to know which thank you flowers are perfect for your significant other and family members? Keep reading!

7. Yellow Roses

Roses are the classic statement flower in any bouquet and they always add a lovely touch. According to floriography, roses can express a whole array of meanings. When it comes to friendship, yellow roses are the perfect choice. So, if you want to show a friend how much they mean to you, giving them a bunch of yellow roses is a sweet and reliable way to do it.

Thank You Flowers for Your Family & Love

8. Lilies

Did you know that lilies have different meanings across cultures? It’s pretty cool, right? But one thing’s for sure – lilies always make an awesome choice for a Mother’s Day bouquet. No matter the colour, lilies are absolutely stunning and elegant, and they symbolise gratitude towards mothers. How amazing is that?

9. Lily of the Valley

While all lilies are a great choice as thank you flowers, we’ve specifically listed Lily of the Valley separately because it’s quite unique and has a distinct scent. These can be arranged in creative ways in your bouquet to symbolise someone pure of heart or a return to happiness.

10. Orange Blossom

Orange blossoms are less dramatic than other blooms, such as peonies, and offer a simple and elegant arrangement that can help you express your gratitude for your significant other. They are also a popular choice for wedding bouquets because they remind couples of the sweet arc of their time together.

11. Peony

Peonies are mostly used to represent celebrations but their subtle romantic undertones make them the perfect thank you flowers for significant others. These can be used to express your delight in a happy marriage or simply to let your significant other know that you’re thankful for them. 

12. Daisies

Daisies can be found in varying tones of purple, blue, and white, and they’re one of the most simple and sweetest of flowers. A bouquet of daisies can help you express your gratitude for someone’s loyal love–making them perfect for a dedicated family member or a long-term partner.

In Conclusion

In addition to the flowers listed above, there are numerous other flowers that can generally be given to any and everyone. These flowers include carnations, tulips, sunflowers, campanulas, camellias, orchids, dark pink roses, hydrangeas, and sweet peas.

If you’re still unsure about what to give your loved one, we’d be happy to help you. Simply get in touch with our expert florists and stylists to discuss the specific messaging you want your bouquet to carry, and we’ll get to work to find you the perfect arrangement.

In addition to thank you flowers, the Distinctive Elegance team can also help you style and decorate events, parties, anniversaries, festivals, and more! So, don’t wait up; partner with us for ALL your floral needs now!

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