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Surrey Wedding Venues – The top 30

Nestled in the enchanting landscapes of the English countryside, Surrey is a treasure trove of idyllic wedding venues. This charming county, known for its lush green hills, expansive woodlands, and picturesque villages, offers a fairy-tale backdrop for any couple dreaming of a magical wedding day. From the historic splendour of majestic castles and stately homes to the tranquil beauty of secret gardens and rustic barns, Surrey provides a patchwork of scenery each more captivating than the last.

Just imagine exchanging vows under the canopy of ancient trees, celebrating your love beside a sparkling lake, or dancing the night away in a grand hall that would be befitting of royalty. Whether you’re drawn by the allure of its natural beauty or charmed by its tranquil yet accessible locale, planning your Surrey wedding means stepping into a storybook scene where your happiest ever after begins.

As you set out to choose the perfect venue from the many enchanting options, let this article of our favourite 30 wedding venues in Surrey be your guide.

Southdown Manor

Southdown Manor is a perfect destination for a dream wedding. This historical manor has hosted luxurious Surrey weddings for over 20 years in Petersfield, Hampshire. The interior of this building mixes elegance with history and makes you feel like you’re walking in a castle from the early 1900s. Not only that, but the view surrounding this manor makes you feel as if you’ve stepped right into a picture, perfect for those who want a peaceful wedding surrounded by nature. 

Southdown Manor is a venue that offers both small and big weddings. It has facilities like a dedicated Wedding and Events Manager to assist with planning your day, a team of people to help ensure everything goes perfectly, and even an on-site catering service to provide the best quality food.

Botley’s Mansion

Do you want a countryside wedding in Surrey? Botley’s Mansion might be the perfect venue. It’s a venue that makes you feel like you’re part of another world, with the picturesque view and the architecture that makes you go in awe. 

The first thing you notice about this venue is the leafy private driveway leading you to a classic stone staircase, making your way to the hall adorned with bright and elegant chandeliers. The green room, covered with pastels and golden chandeliers, instantly catches your eye. It’s intimate and romantic and adds extra beauty to your special day.

It can accommodate 50-280 guests for your ceremony and 500 for your reception and can be booked for 24 hours. This mansion is licensed to hold indoor and outdoor weddings, so you can choose a suitable location.

PennyHill Park Hotel & Spa

PennyHill Park Hotel is one of the most sophisticated wedding venues out there. Surrounded by the beauty of nature and brimming with love and care, this venue has been a popular choice for many couples throughout the year. 

The best part about this venue isn’t the exquisite interior and architecture; it’s the facilities and services they provide to improve the day. This Hotel can hold up to 120 guests for your receptions and ceremonies, which will be held at the Terrace Pavillion, an ideal setting for a wedding with 120 acres of natural beauty and a peaceful environment. 

After you’re done with your vows, your partner and you can head to the library with wood-paneled walls, an incredible fireplace, and stained-glass windows to use as a backdrop for your photos. It’s also a great location to have your wedding indoors.

Pembroke Lodge, Richmond Park

Pembroke Lodge is a significant wedding venue in Surrey because of its stunning location surrounding Richmond Park, one of London’s largest Royal Parks. This allows couples to say their vows while surrounded by nature’s beauty and breathtaking landscaped gardens. 

The lodge, which is a historic Georgian, adds an air of elegance to the air. This helps make your wedding dream-like as the charming interior pieces and tasteful decor aim to provide a timeless backdrop for your ceremony.

One of Pembroke Lodge’s main selling points is its flexibility to accommodate weddings of all shapes and sizes. The venue can easily accommodate your preferences, whether you want an intimate wedding in the picturesque Belvedere Suite or a larger party in the grand Russell Suite.

Cain Manor

Cain Manor is a rustic barn that has been around since the 16th century. Even though it’s considered quite historic, the elegance and the charm have never been lost throughout those years. As soon as you reach the driveway, it steals your heart away with the courtyard gardens and the incredible view. 

When you book this venue, a wedding planner will help you plan how to make this day magical. A quick inside tour is enough to make you realize it’s as spectacular on the inside as on the outside. The ceilings are full of oak beams, and the cathedral windows make your ceremony look like it’s straight out of a movie.

Hartsfield Manor

The Hartsfield Manor is known to be a Victorian building that easily hosts incredibly charming weddings. This Manor can blend modern-day comfort with historical interior and architecture. 

Surrounded by gardens, lawns, and an outstanding countryside view, Hartsfield Manor offers a stunning experience for the price paid. The long driveways and the magnificent lounge and outdoor pavilion give you an experience like no other. They also have incredible stairways, 50 bedrooms made to perfection, and a breathtaking and luxurious Honeymoon Suite for the couple to stay in. 

Nonsuch Mansion

Nonsuch Mansion is another notable wedding venue in Surrey that deserves a place on this list. Situated on the grounds of Nonsuch Park in Cheam, Surrey, this mansion is known for the expanded greenery it provides. 

The venue offers a blend of history, charm, and contemporary elegance through the intricate detailing on the interior, the grand landscape, and all the services they provide to ensure your wedding goes smoothly and without any problems. 

The venue’s team of experienced workers is dedicated to ensuring that everything is planned and executed perfectly. Whether it’s help with vendors, decor, or catering arrangements, this team will ensure that you and your guests have an unforgettable experience.  They also have a wide range of rooms available to suit different wedding styles and sizes.

Hampton Court House

The Hampton Court House’s fascinating history and architecture make you want to stop and look. It’s located near the Hampton Court Palace in East Molesey, Surrey, which makes the experience more magical and iconic. 

The best part about this venue is that you and your guests can explore the historic surroundings and admire everything that combines classical and contemporary elegance. 

Another great thing about this wedding venue is its stunning indoor and outdoor spaces, which allow couples to host their ceremonies and receptions wherever they feel like it. From the perfectly detailed rooms to its manicured landscape, this venue strives to ensure your wedding day stays perfect and magical. 

Four Seasons, Dogmersfield

The Four Seasons Hotel is located in Dogmersfield, England. It’s surrounded by rolling hills and the perfect view of the countryside, making it a serene and peaceful destination for a Surrey wedding. 

It’s housed in a beautiful Georgian Manor House, mixing comfort with elegance, class, and modern sophistication. The hotel’s interior and exterior are known to be quite refined, giving it a timeless look and a luxurious feel. 

Couples using this hotel can also use the grounds for celebrations like the reception while maintaining the privacy and security of the guests and themselves. Four Seasons also provides exceptional service, working closely to ensure everyone is safe and satisfied with the event. 

Ramster Hall

Ramster Hall is another serene wedding venue located in the Surrey Countryside. It’s surrounded by a village, which makes it a little secluded, but perfect for those who need a peaceful wedding away from anything city-like. 

The venue’s best-known aspect is its charming buildings, including the Grade II-listed 17th-century country house and its beautiful gardens. These gardens have flower-filled borders, manicured lawns, and woodland areas that offer countless opportunities for people to explore and take pictures. 

Great Fosters, Egham

Great Fosters is a magnificent 50-acre landscape that has a location that makes it accessible for both local and international guests. This mansion dates back to the 16th century, as seen through its historic interior and architecture, providing an exquisite wedding backdrop. 

They offer a range of indoor and outdoor spaces, including elegant function rooms like the Orangery or the Titan Barn, all of which are perfect for impressing your guests with a romantic setting and flawless execution. 

Warren House

Warren House is a magnificent Victorian mansion dating back to the 19th century. The exclusive exterior and stylish interior are only half the mansion’s greatness. The gardens are of a separate quality. 

Warren House is famous for its gorgeous gardens, including manicured lawns, colorful flower beds, and calm water features. The gardens provide a romantic backdrop for outdoor ceremonies, cocktail receptions, and wedding photography.

In addition, you can choose whether you want an indoor or outdoor wedding since this mansion includes elegant function rooms, such as the Drawing Room or the Library. You can opt for an outdoor marquee wedding in the gardens for larger celebrations.

Reigate Manor

Reigate Manor is renowned for its convenient location, elegant facilities, attentive service, and culinary excellence. It is a popular choice for weddings in Surrey. 

It’s located in a historic town in Reigate, just a short distance from London, which makes it easy for guests who are traveling. The hotel also has a blend of elegant and stylish decor and offers event spaces suitable for weddings of various sizes and styles, whether intimate gatherings or grand celebrations. 

The hotel also features beautiful outdoor spaces, including gardens and terraces, ideal for al fresco ceremonies and receptions during the warmer months.

Farnham Castle

Have you ever dreamed of having your dream wedding in a castle built over 900 years ago? If your answer is yes, then Farnham Castle is the perfect destination for you. Its convenient location—just an hour’s drive from London—makes it easily accessible for couples and their guests.

The castle offers multiple sophisticated event spaces, including the Great Hall, Lantern Hall, and Bishop’s Palace, each with its distinct environment and charm. The castle’s historic architecture, impressive interiors, and breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside make it an unforgettable wedding venue.

Coltsford Mill

Coltsford Mill is known to be an incredibly classic barn that hosts weddings that look like they’re from a fairytale. It’s got a charming interior and an elegant finish to the exterior that brings out the sophisticated feel of the entire barn. It’s known to be around 12 acres wide, with natural lighting shining through the barn’s windows, bathing it in a warm and sunny feeling. 

The barn holds up to 150 guests, allowing them to roam through the countryside and admire the incredible landscapes sprawling across the land. The outdoor location is also a wonderful place to have reception parties or family dinners since it’s so beautiful. 

Addington Palace

Addington Palace is an 18th-century palace that gives you a unique experience if you choose it as your wedding venue. It’s surrounded by nature and countryside, making the air feel fresh and the days look brighter. 

The best part about this palace isn’t the incredible landscape, the manicured lawn, or the majestic bushes. No, it’s the fact that this place offers a 100% guarantee of privacy and security. If you’ve booked this venue for the day, no one else is on the property besides those you’ve hired or invited.

However, this palace is exceptionally popular for weddings not only because of the artistic backdrop it offers but also because of the walnut panelling, a French chandelier, intricate silk wall decorations, and an exquisite Italian marble fireplace that brings this palace together. 


Painshill is situated in Cobham, Surrey, just a short distance from London. It’s one of the most convenient locations for national and international guests since it’s close to London and can be travelled to without any hassle. MP Charles Hamilton carried out the work on this park in the 1700s, and it showcases the beauty of nature in a way that’s extraordinarily different from what we see daily.

Painshill provides indoor and outdoor venues for marriage vows and receptions. You can choose your location from several picturesque places in the garden, including the Gothic Temple, the Ruined Abbey, and the Crystal Grotto, each with its unique decor and charm.

Harbour Hotel

If you want a more modern outlook on your wedding, Harbour Hotel is the place to go. It’s a four-star hotel with a minimalist exterior and first-class facilities that will assist you as soon as you require it. 

This hotel hosts up to 200 people for a wedding and reception, providing breakfast, a separate entrance stage, a private bar, and one of their largest rooms for the couple. 

It’s also a great way for people to have fun locally since the hotel is surrounded by experiences that people could have all around. 

Kingswood Manor

The Kingswood Manor is the next wedding venue we will discuss in this list. It’s a grand Manor that looks elegant with its big driveway and classic interior and exterior. It’s also surrounded by the lush green Reigate countryside, making it the perfect venue for someone looking to have a stunning backdrop in their wedding made with nature.

It also includes a ceremony room and additional options for the couple, like a formal dining area and an entertainment room. The venue’s elegance makes it ideal for various Asian, outdoor, and exclusive weddings.

Nutfield Priory Hotel 

Nutfield Priory Hotel is located in Nutfield, Redhill, and is experienced in hosting weddings and special events. It works closely with spouses to plan and organize every detail of their Surrey wedding day, from venue arrangement and catering to accommodation and amusement.

The Nutfield Priory Hotel & Spa provides cozy, stylish accommodations for wedding guests, including elegant guest rooms and suites with modern comforts. Not only that, but the hotel’s luxurious rooms offer an ideal setting for guests attending weddings and other special events.

Woldingham Golf Club

Woldingham Golf Club is the ultimate option for a wedding of your dreams if you’re looking for one surrounded by the beauty of Halliloo Valley. It’s got the perfect picturesque that you’d like if you’re into nature and flowers. Your excitement about the place will start as soon as you enter the wide driveway and the club to see the open space and amazing interior.

The team at Woldinghan Golf Club is always on sight to ensure that everything is managed perfectly and that there are no blunders that might ruin even a second of your special day. 

Pryford Golf Club

Pryford Gold Club is another ideal venue for a beautiful Surrey wedding. It’s surrounded by the countryside, giving a perfect view of nature and breathtaking scenery that will make your day even more magical. The state-of-the-art golf course is a scenic land where you can hold rehearsals, vows, and even your reception party. 

It has several additional benefits like a wide parking space, access for disabled people on the ground floor, and even an air-conditioned indoor space that can hold up to 150 people.

Gidings Barn

Gidings Barns is a picturesque wedding venue in the village of Newdigate, near Dorking. It is surrounded by immense natural beauty and has a charming and rustic exterior that needs very little decoration to be perfect. 

The team at this barn makes sure that your wedding day stays special, whether you want to opt for an indoor wedding at the atmospheric Oak Barn or an outdoor one in the tranquil courtyard, followed by a reception in the spacious Grain Store Barn.

De Vere Horsley Estate

The De Vere Horsley Estate is a historic building built and designed by Sir Charles Burry in 1820, who used bold architectural features to enhance the place and make it full of charm and sophistication. The beautiful chapel is ready for you to say “I do” under the high-raised vaulted ceiling and the oak-paneled walls. 

It also has a modern touch, including the futuristic rooms that accompany booking this place as your wedding venue. These rooms offer a view of the lakeside lawns and terrace, making them a perfect backdrop for your wedding photos.

Butterfly Meadow

Butterfly Meadow offers an exclusive Surrey wedding experience. It is set on private land two miles from Oxted, Surrey. If you’re looking for a place to celebrate your wedding in style and with immense beauty, Butterfly Meadow might be the perfect place.

The best part about this venue is that it allows you to choose between two charming sites with beautiful views of rolling hills, meadowlands, and old English trees adorning the path. 

Brewerstreet Farmhouse

This one’s a family-owned farmhouse that has been hosting weddings for over two decades now. The wooden and rustic interior and exterior of the house make it a perfect wedding venue for those looking to make this day a little more special.

It also has beautiful fields and gardens that span across 200 acres and make a gorgeous backdrop for your wedding events and pictures. With flexible timings and two full days of hire at the price of one, this farmhouse might just be the perfect destination for you.

Marden Park Mansion

Situated in Marden Park, Surrey, this historic Georgian Mansion has elegant architecture and immensely beautiful landscapes. It offers a range of indoor and outdoor spaces for your wedding, including the grand reception rooms, the intimate dining areas, and the well-kept gardens that bring the place to life. 

The experienced staff at this event ensures that your day goes seamlessly and provides personalized service and experience throughout the event. From decoration to catering to organization, you can count on this staff to make your day memorable.

Burrows Lea Country House

Because of the elegant surroundings that it offers, this Victorian house is one of the wedding venues that people die over. It’s surrounded by idyllic sceneries and stunning countryside of the Surrey hills that have you mesmerized as soon as you look at them.

They have gardens and such for outdoor weddings and grand rooms with exclusive interiors for indoor weddings, so you can choose whatever you prefer. They also offer comfortable and stylish accommodations for the guests if you want to continue the party until the next day.

West Horsley Place

West Horsely Place is a grand medieval palace that’s known for its magnificent views and historical significance. It’s been there for almost a century now, and weddings at this place are always a spectacular event.

The best part about this place is that it’s disabled-friendly and also allows pets if you need to bring any. It hosts around 150 people for the ceremony, and the standing capacity is around 180. Even though you don’t get an accommodation to accompany it, the trained staff and other facilities make up for it.

Oakmead Views

Oakmead Views is a wonderful venue to host a wedding. Surrounded by countryside and seven acres of stunning land, this venue is a serene and enchanting place to hold a Surrey wedding. 

Its versatile nature makes this one of the best venues out there. You have the power to decorate the space however you want, making each wedding look unique and different. It also has a 5-bedroom accommodation available to keep the party going all night and offer your guests a peaceful way to rewind after a day full of celebrations.


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