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11 Expert Florist Advice for a Brides Bouquet You’ll Love

Brides bouquet is an ancient tradition. Women in the olden days would carry strong spices and herbs during their wedding ceremony for varying reasons, such as to create fertility and lust or to ward off evil spirits. Ancient Romans brought the tradition forward and incorporated blooms and foliage symbolising new beginnings, fidelity, and fertility into their garlands and bouquets.

Now, bridal bouquets are a significant part of the overall theme of the wedding and the bride’s choice of dress. It has gradually become a focal point, an accessory and a style choice that gives the guests a peek into the celebration as the bride walks down the aisle. So, if you’re a bride-to-be, choosing the right arrangement to carry to the altar is actually pretty important.

Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of all the expert pieces of advice that’ll help you turn your bridal flower bouquet into the talk of the town. Let’s jump right in!

Brides Bouquet Advice You Must Know

From monotone to cascading bouquets, the choices of bouquet for a bride are endless. So, how do you know which one is the perfect fit for you? With the following expert florist advice, picking a floral bouquet for your wedding will be a piece of cake.

1. The Brides Bouquet Needs To Make a Statement

All great weddings entail at least two elements that become statement pieces and grab everyone’s attention. The primary statement piece should be the bridal bouquets. The reason is that you’ll be holding this accessory in almost all of the most important wedding photos you take that day. So, make sure it’s beautiful and has gorgeous statement flowers, such as the popular and fragrant garden roses. A good floral bouquet will be remembered forever.

2. Don’t Be Shy With Your Choices

Bridal flower bouquets give you the opportunity to express your unique style and aesthetics. It’s not a mere bouquet. It’s a piece of art you’ll carry during your wedding. So, don’t be shy and don’t hold back from celebrating with bold styles. We are more connected to nature than ever, so flowery, loose, and natural bouquets have become a timeless trend.

3. Create a Mood Board

Collect a couple of photos for ideas and inspiration before setting up a consultation with an expert florist. Doing so will help the experts find features of the design that are most appealing to the bride and create a bespoke solution. Some florists and couples make the mistake of sticking to shapes and colours during their discussions. 

However, experienced experts know the importance of discussing the feeling each bouquet and flower evokes, the varying contrasts, colour harmonies, unusual shapes, and even movements.

4. Bridal Bouquets Should Match Your Look

Art and design’s most important principle is balance. The prerequisite for your bridal flower bouquet is ensuring it’s well-fitted to your hair colour, complexion, height, and wedding dress. Make sure all the textures, forms, colours, shapes, and lines fit with your specific look. Lastly, remember that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to this.

A person holding a brides bouquet.
Your choice of brides bouquet will mirror your design, style, and aesthetic preferences, so choose wisely.

5. Honour a Loved One

There may be a loved one who is sadly no longer with you and who you may want to remember on your special day. You can go a step further than a specific flower and discuss floriography and symbolism with an expert to express a specific sentiment or emotion.

6. Creativity To Fasten Your Bouquet

Another great addition to your design feature is how you tie your flowers together. You have various options to choose from, such as unseen bands, silk ribbons, and satin ribbons. You can use this opportunity to further inject your personality into the bouquet for a bride.

7. Know Your Flowers

Create a list of flowers that you’ll be using in the bouquet of the bride. You can then use this record from your wedding day to surround yourself with similar varieties on your anniversary or other special occasions. Or, if you want to go a step further, plant them in your garden as a constant reminder of the joyful day.

8. Create a Keepsake

You can reuse your bouquet in various ways instead of discarding it at the end of the wedding day. Ask your florist to add a bouquet bag, so you can gift your wedding flowers to your friends who have been a big help on your wedding journey the following day. Alternatively, you can consult with an expert to turn them into dried or preserved arrangements and make a keepsake.

9. Simple Is Sometimes Boring

Don’t take this the wrong way. We love a foliage-only arrangement. However, this doesn’t mean you incorporate a simple bunch of eucalyptus into your VIP arrangements. Consider varying tones and textures with mixed seasonal foliage including various succulents, ornamental plant leaves, and herbs to create something truly mesmerising.

10. Seasonal Blooms Are Great

While seasonal blooms aren’t always pocket-friendly, they do offer the most beautiful colours, shapes, and scents. Another great benefit of choosing a seasonal bloom is that you’ll be reminded of your wedding day every year during your wedding month. 

11. Trust the Experts

While a comprehensive brief is great, remember to leave some room for the florists to use their expertise and creativity. Don’t ask them to mimic something and create an exact replica of something you liked online. You’ll likely choose a florist whose work and style you’ve liked, so trust them to create a beautiful brides bouquet. 

Concluding Thoughts

Your wedding day signifies a great milestone, so your brides bouquet should reflect the same. If you’re still unsure about the type of flowers, arrangements, and styles to look for, give us a call. We’d be happy to help you through your entire journey from mood board creation all the way to conception.

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