DIY Wedding Styling: Budget-Friendly Ideas for a Personalised Celebration

DIY Wedding Styling: Budget-Friendly Ideas for a Personalised Celebration

Creating a wedding that reflects your personal style and love story doesn’t have to break the bank. With a little creativity and some savvy planning, DIY wedding styling can transform your celebration into a uniquely personalised event while being mindful of your budget. At Distinctive Elegance, we believe in the magic of bringing your wedding vision to life through thoughtful and personalised touches. Here are some budget-friendly ideas for DIY wedding styling that promise to add individuality and charm to your special day, without compromising on elegance.

Use Personal Items as Decor

Incorporate items that hold special meaning to you and your partner into the wedding decor. Family heirlooms, photographs, or even books can double as unique and personal decor pieces. Displaying these items around your venue adds a touch of your personal history and creates conversation starters among guests.

Creative Table Settings

You don’t need to splurge on expensive tableware to create stunning table settings. Mix and match plates, glasses, and cutlery from thrift stores or borrow items from family and friends for an eclectic and homey feel. Add DIY place cards and handmade table numbers to complete the look. Personalise each setting with a handwritten note or a small, inexpensive favour that reflects your personality or interests.

Floral Arrangements and Bouquets

While professional floral arrangements can be costly, opting for a DIY approach can significantly reduce expenses and add a personal touch. Source flowers from local markets or, if your wedding is in a rural area, wildflowers can be a beautiful and cost-effective option. Assembling bouquets and table arrangements with friends and family can also be a memorable pre-wedding activity.

Handmade Invitations and Signage

With a plethora of online resources and templates available, creating your own wedding invitations and signage has never been easier. Tailor the design to match your wedding theme and colours for a cohesive look. Use cardstock and a high-quality printer for invitations, and for signage, consider chalkboards or reclaimed wood for a rustic touch.

Lighting to Set the Mood

Lighting plays a crucial role in setting the atmosphere of your wedding. Fairy lights, lanterns, and candles are cost-effective solutions that can dramatically transform your venue. Consider hanging lights from trees or ceilings, lining walkways with lanterns, and creating centrepieces with candles of varying heights for a warm and romantic ambience.

DIY Entertainment

Think outside the box for entertainment options that reflect your interests and can be executed on a budget. Set up a DIY photo booth with a camera on a tripod and a selection of props. Create a personalised playlist to dance the night away, or if you have musically inclined friends, perhaps they would perform as a special gift to you.

Embrace Nature’s Backdrop

Choosing a naturally beautiful venue can reduce the need for extensive decorations. A beach, forest, or garden provides a stunning backdrop that requires minimal enhancement. Focus your DIY styling efforts on complementing the natural beauty with simple additions like floral arches for ceremonies or string lights for receptions.


DIY wedding styling is a wonderful way to infuse your celebration with personal touches that reflect your journey as a couple. With a bit of creativity and the willingness to tackle some projects, you can achieve a breathtaking wedding that’s both budget-friendly and deeply meaningful. At Distinctive Elegance, we’re here to support your DIY ambitions with tips, inspiration, and guidance to ensure your wedding styling in West Sussex is everything you’ve dreamed of and more. Remember, the beauty of your wedding day lies in the love it celebrates, and that is something truly priceless.

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